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A Hassle-Free Method To Clean Your Oven With Vinegar Steam

Cleaning an oven is a task no one looks forward to doing. With its constant use, the appliance can get filthy—plus, there is always that one meal that bubbles over and leaves a baked-on mess behind.

If that isn’t enough to discourage most homeowners, cleaning an oven requires a lot of elbow grease and harsh chemicals. So, it’s no wonder that people like to put off this task.

However, there is a hassle-free way to clean your oven! Just follow this guide—it doesn’t require special products or scrubbing!

A step-by-step guide to steam-clean your oven with vinegar

Vinegar is a household item used for many cleaning tasks. Its acidic nature is perfect for removing stains without you having to scrub off the grime.

Also, since vinegar is an entirely natural and non-toxic cleaning agent, you won’t need any harsh chemicals to get the job done!

Step #1. Make preparations

This method doesn’t need a steam cleaner or a steam-clean feature in your oven. Take out the oven racks and clean them separately, then replace one in the middle of the oven.

Prepare your cleaning solution by pouring one cup of vinegar into a casserole dish filled with water. Then, place the dish in the oven and close the door.

Step #2. Let the steam work

To make the vinegar steam, turn your oven up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit and leave it from 30 minutes to an hour. The vinegar will loosen all the grime from the oven walls, so now it’s just a matter of waiting!

Step #3. Wipe the oven

Once the time’s up, turn off the oven, remove the casserole dish and let it cool. Then, grab a sponge, dip it in water, and wipe the oven’s walls. The vinegar steam should have loosened up the dirt, and everything should have come off easily.

There you go! Your oven is cleaned and ready to bake again.

How to deep clean an oven with vinegar and baking soda

While the vinegar steam method works for regular stains, it may not be perfect if you have stubborn gunk or baked-on grime in your oven.

Don’t worry! There is another method you can try to get all that remaining crud out of your oven. Mixing baking soda with vinegar makes for a more potent cleaning agent, and it’s sure to remove even the most stubborn stains in your oven. Watch this video to learn how:

How To Clean Your Oven With Baking Soda And Vinegar

Is it still too much work? Let us help you clean your oven!

Both these methods work to get you a clean oven, but neither is perfect. With vinegar steam, your oven might still need extra cleaning, and the baking soda method requires a lot of time and effort.

You may think there is no such thing as the perfect method then. Luckily, there is a way to get your oven spotless without spending lots of time scrubbing it. Let Sweeping Hands take care of your oven, so you won’t have to worry about anything other than what you’re going to cook next.

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