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Clean Dirty Mirrors This Way (And Forget About Streaks!)

Clean Dirty Mirrors This Way (And Forget About Streaks!)

Cleaning mirrors may not be the most challenging cleaning chore in a home, but it is often overlooked. Streaks are the main reason why some homeowners dread mirror cleaning so much! However, you can become an expert mirror cleaner and forget about streaks!

Learn here how to clean a mirror!

Choosing a cleaner for your mirrors

The cleaning solution you use for cleaning your mirrors plays a more important role than you may realize. For dirty mirrors, you can use warm water with just a few drops of liquid dish soap. However, if the mirror is not grimy, you could clean it with a microfiber cloth and plain water!

Also, you can mix half white vinegar and half warm water in a spray bottle for a DIY green glass cleaner. However, vinegar can damage wood and other materials in the long run. Make sure vinegar is safe for your mirrors before using it!

Can you use Windex on a mirror?

Many homeowners use window cleaners for most glass surfaces—and even stainless steel. However, some commercial glass cleaners have ammonia and other chemical components that may not be the best for your mirror (and mirror frame.) If you take this route, look for an ammonia-free product!

The best way to clean a dirty mirror

Cleaning a mirror is easy. However, the challenge comes from other considerations, like not wetting the mirror frame and avoiding streaks! Follow these simple steps to clean even the dirtiest mirror in your home!

Step 1. Clean the most visible grime

First, look for splatters, smudges, fingerprints, and other visible stains. Dab the dirty spots with a cotton pad and a little rubbing alcohol. Then, try to remove the stains with the cotton pad. If the grime is stuck on the glass surface, keep dabbing with more alcohol.

All the stuck-on grime you are removing in this first step would end up as streaks!

Step 2. Spray your chosen cleaner onto the mirror surface

Whether you choose a commercial glass cleaner, the vinegar solution, or soapy water, this step is the same. Spray your cleaner throughout the glass surface. Don’t spray near the frame, especially if it’s wooden and you are using vinegar.

Step 3. Wipe the glass surface

The best tool to clean your mirrors is a microfiber cloth. Cotton rags may leave lint behind, and bad-quality paper towels leave residue too! However, a good-quality microfiber cloth will absorb and capture the dirt.

Wipe from edge to edge until the mirror seems clean! No need to wipe in circular motions.

Step 4. Rinse the mirror with plain water

Wipe the mirror again, but this time with plain water instead of a cleaning product. You can use another microfiber cloth or a clean section of the same cloth. Rinsing is essential because streaks may also be the chemical residue of the cleaning solution!

Note: In New Orleans and its surrounding cities, water may have more mineral sediment and cause streaks. Use distilled water to avoid this.

Step 5. Remove streaks that may appear

Even with the best cleaning technique, streaks may appear once the mirror dries out. Wait a few minutes and look through different points to make sure you have a streak-free mirror. If streaks appear, wipe them off with a clean cloth.

Do you need help to clean your home?

Now you know how to clean your mirrors, but do you have time to do it yourself? Sweeping Hands can clean your home for you! During our home cleaning service, we clean the mirrors and other glass surfaces inside your home! Learn more about our services here!

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