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Overwhelmed By Mess? 3 Tricks To Motivate You To Clean!

Overwhelmed By Mess? 3 Tricks To Motivate You To Clean!

Feeling Overwhelmed by Mess? 3 Powerful Tricks to Spark Your Cleaning Motivation!

With jobs, family, and hobbies, cleaning chores can easily go to the back burner. But sooner than later, you may find out your home is a complete mess! Everyone has been there, and it’s possible to get back on track.

The first step is always the hardest. However, you’ll need motivation to clean! Here are three tricks that will help you get in a cleaning mood.

Here is how you get Motivate You To Clean!

Trick #1. Start by little

When facing an overwhelming task, like a messy house, the best approach is to start with little steps. Think of it as forming a cleaning habit. It’s not about how much you accomplish in one go, but about maintaining consistency with your cleaning efforts. This way, you’ll chip away at the mess gradually and avoid feeling discouraged by the initial workload. Consider these two tips:

1. Use a 5-minute timer first

A 5-minute cleaning session can seem like too little, but it’s a start. Add one or two minutes to your cleaning session each day until the “habit” grows in you.

2. Make crystal clear goals

One of the reasons why people procrastinate is because their goals are too abstract. For example, “keeping the home clean” is a hard-to-follow goal because you can hardly know how much it will take you.

However, if you set a specific goal like “wiping the kitchen counter,” it’s an entirely different story. Before cleaning, set a specific, clear, and realistic goal! If this is something new for you, take a minute to write it down on a sheet of paper!

Trick #2. Make a cleaning playlist

Most people enjoy a clean home, but not cleaning. However, you can do something you enjoy while doing your chores!  

If you are looking for a way to make cleaning chores more enjoyable, create a playlist to listen to while cleaning. For example, music is there for anyone trying to spice up a monotonous task. People listen to their favorite songs while driving or working out. 

To make your perfect cleaning playlist, follow these guidelines:

Use the playlist as a timer:

Add enough songs, so you don’t need to focus on the device. If you are cleaning for 20 minutes, make a 20-minutes playlist!

Pick upbeat songs

Not all kinds of music will motivate you equally. For example, classical or video game music works better to keep focus and raise productivity.

Choose music you love:

The most important thing is choosing music you love! It can lift your spirits and get you into a cleaning mood.


Is music not your thing? Try listening to a podcast, the news, or a show you love while cleaning!

Trick #3. Remove the clutter once and for all

If you are struggling to keep your home clean, maybe clutter is the issue! Clutter can make a home harder to clean, as you have to move stuff and dust more surfaces during homework.

Also, the clutter could be taking a toll on your mental wellness. Mental health is a delicate matter, and sometimes cleaning or tidying up isn’t enough to solve the issue. However, in some cases, it could help.

Before focusing on cleaning, you could benefit from a decluttering session. It doesn’t have to be a weekend-long decluttering marathon! Just 20 minutes could clear some space and raise your cleaning motivation!

Try the 4-box method!

Bonus trick! You don’t have to clean.

Many people feel compelled to clean their own homes. However, you shouldn’t feel guilty about hiring a cleaning service—after all, it’s like any other service!

If you don’t have the time or motivation, a cleaning company is your best option! Many people with health conditions or disabilities rely on cleaning services to keep their homes spotless. However, not feeling like cleaning is enough reason to hire help with the chores!

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