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Ready To Move In? 6 Tips To Clean Your New Home

Tips To Clean Your New Home

If you have no previous moving experience, you may get stressed by many things, especially when it comes to cleaning.

Where should you start? Do you really need to clean so thoroughly? Luckily, here you’ll find the answer to those (and more) questions related Tips To Clean Your New Home so you can move on and relax.

Tip #1. Do a reconnaissance tour

What better way to know what you should clean than checking the whole house first? Even if you’ve previously toured the home when buying it, you can plan a new visit to look for areas that need some cleaning.

As you walk through the rooms, you can write down whatever you notice—for example, hard-to-reach cobwebs, tough grime, or dirty windows. Also, if you’ve acquired a pre-owned house, consider double-checking the bathroom and kitchen, as they can be dirtier than expected.

Tip #2. Get all the cleaning supplies ready

Now that you know you need  Tips To Clean Your New Home, you can pick the adequate supplies. If you need a tool or product not already in your pantry, plan your cleaning session with enough time so you can get everything beforehand.

Following the first tip, you’ll know almost precisely what to bring. However, always expect surprises! Locate the nearest store for all those unexpected products or tools you may need during the cleaning session.

Tip #3. Start with the hardest areas

Take advantage of your high spirits and start with a challenge! Usually, bathrooms (and kitchens in pre-owned homes) are the rooms that require more time and effort to clean, so they are a good starting point.

Pro tip: If cleaning a multiple-story house, focus on one floor at a time to avoid losing time carrying around your tools.

Tip #4. Let the air flow

Any place that stays closed long enough develops a stale smell. Besides, cleaning a newly acquired house requires many cleaning solutions, creating dangerous vapors.

You can open doors and windows to disperse hazardous fumes and help stale odors disappear. Also, if your house has air vents, clean them to achieve better airflow and air quality—you may need a screwdriver, though.

Tip #5. Consider cleaning the walls

Although you could think that walls on a new home come spotless, it doesn’t hurt to inspect them closer.

In a pre-owned house, you can look for greasy kitchen walls; also, if there were kids, you may find stains or crayon marks on some rooms. Even walls in newly built homes could need a good cleaning as mold can grow on them.

It may take you a little longer to check and clean dirty walls, but remember that you’ll hardly have the chance to have full access to your walls again.

Tip #6. Don’t skip high-touch surfaces!

Wiping light switches, door knobs, and handles in a new place could seem silly at first glance. However, remember that construction workers, real estate agents, and previous potential buyers (or former owners) were roaming the house before you.

All those surfaces could be riddled with germs and bacteria from being frequently handled and touched. Set aside a little time and disinfect all high-touch surfaces.

Extra tip: Hire a move-in cleaning service!

Overseeing every single thing when moving to a new house can be overwhelming. However, professional cleaners are ready to tackle all those daunting cleaning tasks for you.

If you are in New Orleans or surrounding areas, you can let Sweeping Hands take a little load off you! Our move-in cleaning package covers all the points needed to enjoy a new and spotless home. Book with us now!

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