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Stop The Dust! 6 Cleaning Tips To Keep A Dust-free Home

Stop The Dust! 6 Cleaning Tips To Keep A Dust-free Home

Are you tired of dusting your furniture, door frames, and tables to deal with dust again the next day? Let’s Explore all about Dust free Home.

Keeping dust out of your home can feel like a never-ending task, and that’s because dust comes from many different sources. However, you can reduce the amount of indoor dust in your home with simple actions. Here are six tips to prevent dust at home and enjoy improved air quality.

Why is dust such a bother?

More than dirt from outside, dust is fabric lint and dead skin. When set free in the air, dust becomes a nuisance to your nose and lungs. Breathing it can make you sneeze and even irritate your throat and eyes—very alarming if someone at home has dust allergies.

How to prevent dust at home

As mentioned above, dust can come from different sources. Wiping and dusting your home is important, but preventing dust at home is a combination of cleaning chores and other simple prevention actions you can take. Here are the best tips.

Tip #1: Close a window

The quickest fix to some of the dust flying at home is simply closing a window in whichever room you’re in. However, this is by no means the solution to the dust problem, but the less dirt entering your home, the better.

Tip #2: Take care of your pets

If you have a kitten or a dog, beware of pet dander. Every time your pets scratch themselves, shake, or even when you pet their backs, they’ll shed hair and specks of dead skin.

If your four-legged friend skips regular grooming, the pet dander will make a mess on floors and furniture, and you’ll be sneezing all day long. Brush your pets daily and wipe their paws every time they come back from outside.

Don’t forget to clean their bedding frequently. Besides, if you allow your pet to relax on your couch, place a blanket over their spot.

Tip #3: Clean from top to bottom

It doesn’t make sense to broom your floors, dust the furniture, and broom again, does it?

Whenever you clean your home, make sure to start at the highest points and then clean the floors, taking care of the dirt that fell from your shelves and furniture. It’s simple, but it’s extra work if done wrong.

Tip #4: Vacuum often and thoroughly

When your floors and carpets are still dusty after cleaning, it may be because you vacuum too fast. Fortunately, you can prevent it easily by going steady and in repeated motions, ensuring all the dust gets sucked in by the vacuum cleaner.

Note: If allergies are an issue, having a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter helps trap dust and dirt!

Tip #5: Change into microfiber cloths

Are you still using a duster? It may sound against everything you thought you knew about cleaning, but dusters aren’t exactly that great. Sure, they’ll remove the dust from the surface, but it also sets it free in the air.

The best way to clean is by trapping the dust. Use a damp microfiber cloth so the dust will cling easier and without scratching your surfaces.

Tip #6: Wash your bed linens weekly

Every night, you sleep in your own residue, from dead skin cells to natural oil. Besides, if you go to bed without taking a shower, you’re adding to the buildup.

Change your bedding and wash it every week so you won’t sleep with dust mites; these little invaders make you sneeze when in bed!

Are you too busy to keep your home clean?

If you’re a New Orleans resident and have trouble keeping your house sparkling clean, you can hire Sweeping Hands for top-quality cleaning. Whether it’s a one-time visit or a recurring service, our cleaning professionals will gladly take the call. Book now!

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