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The 4 Cleaning Steps For Untended Wooden Cabinets

The 4 Cleaning Steps For Untended Wooden Cabinets

Cleaning after eating is crucial. If you want to avoid dry layers of egg yolk on your plates or lingering smells from fish, you should do the dishes now and not until you’re too comfortable watching tv or busy with other house tasks. However, something has always slipped your mind.

It’s already too late once you realize you forgot to clean the wood cabinets. Now that the grease layers and food splatters from way back have settled on the wood surfaces, you’re forced to apply quite the elbow grease.

This blog will tell you Cleaning Steps For Untended Wooden Cabinets and some tips and tricks to make this task as smooth as possible.

Step #1: Make your cleaning solution

Don’t bother with all-purpose cleaners because you’ll be risking fading the cabinet’s color or breaking down the finish. Go with safer choices.

There’s a discussion on using white vinegar, but if you dilute vinegar in water at a 50/50 rate, you’ll have a safe and effective cleaning agent. If you’re still unsure, you can spot-test first.

If vinegar won’t do, the alternative is using dish soap. A teaspoon of soap in one cup of warm water will give you comparable results. Get a spray bottle filled with either solution and start your cleaning.

Step #2: Loosen up the gunk

Before wiping, it’s mandatory to tackle any tough spots. You don’t need any special tools; get a soft toothbrush you would replace anyway. The bristles won’t damage your cabinets.

But that’s not all; you’ll need the strength of baking soda during this step. Mix the powder with enough water to make the paste, then apply and scrub the gunk off. If your toothbrush isn’t enough, scrape residue with a plastic spatula.

Step #3: Wipe the surfaces

You don’t need to empty your drawers and deep clean every time you handle wood cabinets, but since you’re dealing with weeks of grime and grease, now’s the best time. After doing this, make sure to deep clean your cabinets once or twice a year.

To deep clean your cabinets, take everything out of the drawers and, using your pre-made solution, wipe the surfaces thoroughly with a damp cloth. Then with a dry rag, wipe the cabinets dry.

Step #4: Polish your cabinets

Depending on the wood, finding the right product for polishing your cabinets can get confusing. You want a shiny, even cabinet, not an oily one, so it’s best if you make a natural polish.

A mixture of 1 cup olive oil and ¼ white vinegar is a good choice, topping it off with a few drops of essential oil. Again, it’s advisable to spot test. If the vinegar is giving you trouble, add more water.

Once you’re good to go, dip a microfiber cloth and gently go over the outer surface in circular motions going through small areas of the cabinets for a beautiful finish.

Wood cabinets care tips

Now that you have finally crossed out this task from your checklist, you just need to maintain your wood cabinets in top shape—so you don’t have to scrape and brush so often. Here are a few tips:

If these tasks take too much of your time, you can always get help from cleaning pros. Consider hiring Sweeping Hands Cleaning Services for top-quality housekeeping. You’re just 60 seconds away from getting in touch with the best cleaners in the greater New Orleans area. Book now!

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