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The Dos and Don’ts of Microfiber Cloth Care

The Dos and Don'ts of Microfiber Cloth Care

Microfiber cloths are a revelation for cleaning enthusiasts. From car detailing towels and car wash microfiber towels to microfiber cloths for glass cleaning, these super absorbent cloths tackle any surface without scratching. They even excel as car polish cloths. But unlike ordinary rags, these versatile wonders (think 400gsm microfibre cloths!) require specific care to maintain their effectiveness.

This guide dives into the dos and don’ts of washing microfiber cloths, including washing microfiber detailing towels and the best way to wash microfiber towels. We’ll show you how to keep your car care microfibre cloths and car polish rags in top condition without harsh chemicals or resorting to methods like boiling Norwex cloths. Learn about the right microfibre wash detergent and gentle cleaning methods to ensure proper microfiber cloth care. We’ll answer all your questions on care for microfiber towels, including care of Norwex cloths, caring for Norwex microfiber, and caring for Norwex cloths. Plus, you’ll discover valuable tips on cleaning microfiber cloths and cleaning microfiber towels detailing to maximize the lifespan and effectiveness of your microfiber cloths.

How do you clean them the right way? We’ll tell you the dos and don’ts on how to clean or microfiber cloths care:

Shake the cloths

Before getting to the cleaning part, you should always give your microfiber cloths a little shake. Shaking the microfiber helps because loose dirt will easily fall off, making the cleaning easier. Do this over the trash can, so you don’t make a mess.

Don’t round them up with other rags

Microfiber cloths are made of synthetic fibers and not the same materials as a conventional rag. For this reason, taking care of them is also completely different.

Microfibers work like tiny magnets, attracting dust and dirt to the cloth. The problem with mixing these cloths with other rags or your laundry is that, during the washing cycle, lint and dirt from the other fabrics can also stick to the microfibers!

Use warm water

Some things are better washed with warm water, and microfiber cloths are no exception. Using cold water won’t help you loosen up the dirt or remove stains.

Microfibers are heat resistant to a degree, so rest assured a little bit of water that isn’t very hot will take care of cleaning when it needs minimal effort.

Don’t use bleach

If you’re accustomed to using bleach when washing clothes, pay attention to this tip. DO NOT use bleach on microfiber cloths care. The same applies to fabric softeners.

As mentioned before, microfiber has static properties, and these chemicals will damage or clog the fibers and ruin your cloths altogether.  

Use just a little bit of detergent

It takes little effort to machine-wash your microfiber cloths—and resources too. In fact, when washing microfiber cloths, less is more! Use as little detergent as possible, or it might leave residue on the cloths and the fibers saturated with detergent.

Use half the detergent you would use on your laundry as the rule of thumb!

Don’t dry cloths in a hot setting

As said before, microfiber cloths are heat resistant to a minimal degree. Warm water will do the trick to clean them fast. However, if you need to dry them on the machine, be sure to use the low-heat setting.

High temperatures can damage the fibers and reduce the cleaning capabilities of your microfiber cloth.

Rewash cloths if you made a mistake

Did you use too much detergent? Or ended up adding a softener? It may not be too late! Hand wash your microfiber cloth with hot water and scrub it with a soft brush to fix that mistake. If it happened once, there’s no permanent damage.

Don’t double-cycle

Microfiber cloths dry quickly. One cycle is enough for it to be ready to use once more. The fibers won’t gather mold anyway, and you’ll be avoiding wasting resources for the rest of your clothes.

Now you know how to take advantage of the ever-flexible microfiber cloths care … and how to avoid ruining them. Now, it’s time to clean!

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