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Cleaning 101: How To Clean Your Microwave

Cleaning 101: How To Clean Your Microwave

You may think Clean Your Microwave is daunting, especially if your chili bowl just exploded inside it. Luckily, here is an effective and easy way to leave your microwave sparkling clean again—no matter how messy it is!


Step #1. Prepare a cleaning solution

Although reaching for a bottle of all-purpose cleaner seems like the simplest choice, you might want to keep it natural when wiping inside kitchen appliances. So, In this case, you can use white vinegar (its acidic properties make it perfect for dealing with grime) as your main cleaning agent.

So, it’s time to make a powerful DIY cleaner for your microwave. Additionally, Just mix two tablespoons of vinegar and two cups of water in a microwave-safe bowl. Therefore, If you are not fond of the vinegar smell, add a few drops of your favorite essential oil.

Step #2. Pre-clean your oven

Now, use a plastic scraper (or something similar, like a spatula) to remove as much dried food gunk as you can. Moreover, Doing so will reduce the amount of grime, preventing a bigger mess when you need to wipe further ahead.

Note: Feel free to skip this step if there aren’t that many stuck-on food bits in your microwave.

Step #3. Turn on the heat

When you’re ready, place your homemade solution inside your microwave and let it run on high for five minutes. Moreover, Don’t worry if the interior starts to look like a sauna; the steam buildup weakens the stains and spills stuck on the walls.

Additionally, Once time’s up, let a few more minutes pass to let everything cool down and steam build up even more.

Step #4. Clean the grime away

After checking if you can touch everything without getting burnt, take out the bowl and the turntable. Moreover, Then, wash the turntable in your sink using warm, soapy water and a sponge.

Additionally, To keep up with your microwave interior, you’ll need to dampen a microfiber cloth with lukewarm water (you can use room-temperature water, but it won’t be as effective). Therefore, Then, wipe the grime from the walls and door. Rinse or change cloths as necessary.

Additionally, If you find hard-to-reach places while cleaning, dip a medium-bristle toothbrush into your vinegar mixture and use it to scrub the slits. However, make sure you wring the excess water before scrubbing, as it could damage the electronic insides of the oven.

Step #5. Final touches

Particularly greasy microwaves and stubborn spots need special attention. Moreover, To tackle those issues, mix three parts of baking soda and one part of water until making a thick paste. Therefore, spread it over the stubborn areas and wait five minutes to take effect.

Next, dampen a microfiber cloth with warm water to wipe the pesky grime. Moreover, Rinse any residue with another dampened cloth.

Finally, dry your microwave with a clean cloth—and don’t forget to put the turntable back in place!

Bonus: Let the pros tackle your microwave cleaning

Do you want a clean microwave but don’t have the time to do it? Sweeping Hands is ready to help you! So, Our professional cleaners are prepared to tackle even the most stubborn grime in your microwave and the rest of your house. Schedule your service now!

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