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How To Remove Hard Water Stains From Tile And Glass Surfaces

How To Remove Hard Water Stains From Tile And Glass Surfaces

Living in a city with hard water, you have likely dealt with water stains and soap scum. While not necessarily complex, removing the mineral buildup from your shower, fixtures, or windows can be a hassle.

Are you looking for an easy way to clean off mineral residue? Read on to learn how to remove hard water stains!

Use distilled white vinegar

On top of being a kitchen staple, white vinegar is the preferred DIY cleaning product. It works exceptionally well for dealing with mineral buildup. However, since vinegar’s mineral-dissolving property makes it perfect for this task, you should avoid using it on materials such as marble.

Here’s how to remove hard water stains with vinegar:

Alternative to white vinegar: Squeeze some lemons

Not a fan of vinegar smell? You can use lemon juice to remove hard water stains. The steps are the same as the previous method but replace the mix with lemon juice.

Make a baking soda paste

Another kitchen staple that also doubles as an excellent cleaner is baking soda. This versatile powder works as a gentle scrubber, so it can give the extra abrasive power you need to remove a tough stain.

Follow these steps to clean mineral buildup with baking soda:

Bring hydrogen peroxide and cream of tartar

Hydrogen peroxide alone works wonders as a cleaner but adding cream of tartar to make a paste will give you extra scrubbing power. Besides, you can use this mixture on some stone surfaces when vinegar is not an option!

Scrub the stain off with fine steel wool

A risky method to remove even the most stubborn stains is scrubbing them off with steel wool. However, if you are not careful, you may scratch the glass or porcelain, so it’s better to leave this option as the last resource.

If you decide to go this route, get a #0000 steel wool and scrub the stain away.

Did you know that mineral stains harden over time?

Sometimes, cleaning mineral buildup might seem challenging, but that’s because mineral deposits stick and harden on the surface. However, if you wipe the surface early, the minerals will wash off easily.

To prevent hard water stains from building up, wipe and dry windows, tiles, and other surfaces whenever they get soaked in tap water.

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