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The 4-Step Method For Spotless Baseboards—No Bending Over Required!

Step Method For Spotless Baseboards

In many households, baseboards can be a nightmare when cleaning is due. Wiping them is not a problem, but bending over or getting down to your knees to reach them can hurt your knees and back.

Is there a better way to clean the floor trim without much effort? Short answer: yes!

If you want to take care of this chore as comfortably as possible, here’s how to clean your baseboards in a few steps.

How to clean your baseboards without bending over

Cleaning your baseboards doesn’t have to be painful. Here is a four Step Method For Spotless Baseboards—try it and feel the difference!

Step 1: Make your cleaning solution

Baseboards don’t need expensive products to look spotless, so why not make your DIY cleaners? Besides, you’ll save money in the process. Here are two effective cleaning solutions you can make in minutes.

White Vinegar: Its acidic properties make vinegar a powerful natural cleaner, and it’s convenient because you only need a spray bottle, white vinegar, and water. Mix equal parts of vinegar and warm water inside the container to make this cleaner.

Water and soap: Fill a bucket with water and add just a few drops of dish soap. This option has a more pleasant smell than vinegar, but you’ll need to rinse the baseboards after cleaning.

Step 2: Dust your baseboard

You’ll avoid streaks by taking dust out of the baseboards. Brooms are excellent, but vacuum cleaners are the best tool for this task. If you can get a vacuum cleaner with an extension wand and a brush attachment, no speck of dirt and debris will stand a chance.

To thoroughly vacuum the baseboards, go in repeated motions and slowly, so the vacuum cleaner can pick everything up.

Step 3: Clean the baseboard

When washing baseboards, the softest tool you can use is a microfiber cloth. However, since we’re trying to avoid straining your joints, getting down on your knees might not be an option.

Instead, use this quick hack:

Step 4: Work on the details

After wiping the baseboards, use a magic eraser to tackle minor details that might stick out (don’t do it too roughly, or it’ll scrape the surface). If the stains are tough, consider sitting in a comfortable position to scrub them away.

How does it sound to clean your baseboards just once or twice a year? Dryer sheets can add a nice coating that prevents hairs and dust from sticking to your baseboards. You can fix the dryer sheet to a flat mop and rub the baseboards without bending over.

Too much housework? Let the pros help out!

Your home can look amazing without the hassle of cleaning. Sweeping Hands is an experienced team of cleaning professionals that work up to high standards. Rest assured that you’re getting the best cleaning service in New Orleans!

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